Loan TypeMultifamily Acquisition Lines of Credit - Revolving
Loan Amounts $500K - $15MM
Term Up to 48 months (tranches limited to 36 months)
LTV Up to 95% for Performing Multifamily Properties
Repayment Monthly Interest Only
Collateral 1st Lien Security Interest
Legal Determined by Complexity of Transaction. Paid by Borrower

CHC offers revolving lines of credit (LOC) to high capacity NeighborWorks® developers for the purchase of operating multifamily properties. This product alleviates the need to underwrite each individual transaction, saving money and allowing expedited closings. With LTV’s up to 95% and pre-approval, CHC’s multifamily acquisition LOC effectively removes any financing contingency, making purchase offers more competitive against private sector developers and cash purchasers.

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