Loan TypeConstruction
Loan Amounts $500K - $15MM
Term Up to 42 months
LTV Up to 95% with Subsidy in Place; Up to 90% for Single Family
Repayment Monthly Interest Only
Collateral 1st Lien Security Interest
Legal Determined by Complexity of Transaction. Paid by Borrower

CHC specializes in single family (scattered site and subdivisions) and multifamily construction lending with an expertise that allows for a faster, more efficient process. For example, CHC’s in-house construction administration enables us to offer flexible draw schedules (even weekly or as draws need to be adjusted) throughout the development cycle. This flexibility allows our borrowers to hire smaller, local construction companies that would normally struggle waiting to be paid on longer payment schedules. CHC’s borrowers can proceed confidently knowing that financing is in place, further reducing costs with more predictable and efficient construction workflows.

CHC can help you determine the best mix of financing for your project. Call us to learn more at (404) 373-5662.

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