• Paul Mazzarella
    Executive Director, Retired, Ithaca NHS
  • Patricia Garcia Duarte
    Vice Chair
    President and CEO, Trellis
  • Kara Hay
    Secretary & Governance Committee Chair
    President and CEO, Penquis
  • Peter A. Lefferts
    American Express Bank, Retired
  • Gregg Warren
    Loan Committee Chair
    President and CEO, DHIC, Inc.
  • Julie Porter
    Loan Committee Vice Chair
    President and CEO, Charlotte Mecklenburg HP
  • Tom Bloom
    Audit & Risk Committee Chair
    CFO, Retired, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
  • Chris Krehmeyer
    Business Planning Committee Chair
    President and CEO
    Beyond Housing
  • Marianne Garvin
    Governance Committee
    President and CEO of CDC Long Island, Retired
  • Bruce F. Martin
    Governance Committee
    SVP, JPMorgan Chase Bank
  • James Paley
    Loan Committee
    Executive Director
    NHS of New Haven
  • Alan Ferguson
    Audit and Risk Committee
    SVP, Invest Atlanta
  • Daryl Shore
    Business Planning Committee
    Investment Manager
    Impact Investments
    Prudential Financial
  • Corey Harris
    Loan Committee
    Executive Director
    Neighborhood Housing &
    Development Corporation
  • Mary White Vasys
    Business Planning Committee
    Governance Committee
    President & CEO
    Vasys Constulting
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