Loan TypePermanent Immediate Funding
Purpose Preserve Multifamily Properties Long-Term, Fixed-rate Loan > 20 units
Loan Amounts $500K - $7MM*
Term 5-30 Years
LTV Up to 85% (stabilized value)***
Repayment Monthly Principal and Interest; 15-year Lockout or Yield Maintenance
Collateral 1st Lien Security Interest
Debt Service Coverage 1.15:1 or better
Legal Determined by Complexity of Transaction. Paid by Borrower

CHC's Permanent Multifamily loan program was created to provide long-term, fixed-rate mortgages with repayment terms from 10-30 years and amortization schedules up to 30 years. CHC’s permanent financing is often used in conjunction with CHC’s construction loans with an easy conversion to permanent. CHC’s flexible capital can solve a wide variety of complex development challenges and we can finance up to 85% of the stabilized value.

Call us at (404) 373-5662 to discuss your options including potential pricing, leverage and timing.

* Higher loan amounts considered on a case-by-case basis

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