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Loan TypeMultifamily Construction/Permanent Loan
Purpose Rehabilitate and Preserve Multifamily Properties Long-Term, Remarkable Low Rates; Only one execution
Availability Nationwide
Gap Financing Eligibility Apply for up to $500,000 (grant/award) for additional gap financing through FHLB Atlanta's AHP Program; available nationwide
LTV Greater leverage (LTV) during the construction and permanent phase than available in the private sector
Construction Bridge Financing CHC brings solutions to the unique timing constraints of subsidies and complex capital stacks
Interest Interest Only Variable Financing During Construction with a fixed rate perm loan and an amortization up to 35 years

CHC's Construction/Perm loan offers remarkable rates, terms, and the speed you need to get to the closing table more quickly and with only one execution. Include bridge financing and an AHP award to fill gaps in your project's capital stack.

Call us at (404) 373-5662 to discuss your options including potential pricing, leverage, and timing.

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