A National Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI)Flexible Loan Capital Customized to Create Affordable Housing

 Job Title:  Marketing, Impact, and Policy Manager
 Reports to:  Chief Lending Officer
Direct Reports:  None
Classification:  Exempt
 Incumbent:  New Position

Community Housing Capital (CHC) is a twenty-one year old US Treasury certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) based in Atlanta, GA (www.communityhousingcapital.org). Our mission is to provide equitable access to capital that is transformative to the 250 nonprofit and high performing affordable housing developers of NeighborWorks organizations and their communities across the country. NeighborWorks organizations (NWOs) directly facilitate CHC’s ability to deploy capital to LMI communities, and NWO projects are reliant upon the flexible, patient capital that CHC provides to them and their projects. These award-winning organizations serve their local communities with high-quality, affordable homes, and array of impactful community services. Please submit your resume using the link below.


Job Summary

This position is responsible for managing a cross section of relationships both internally and externally at CHC to achieve results in the following areas which are critical to CHC’s strategic plan: corporate marketing, impact measurement, research, grant writing assistance and monitoring and researching policy initiatives that impact the Corporation. The position will also be responsible for managing a third-party consultant selected by the CEO and Chief Lending Officer to assist in marketing activities.

Accountabilities include the demonstration of enthusiasm for affordable housing, community development and impact measurement. Accordingly, development of a corporate strategy for communications and marketing, thereby positioning CHC as a thought leader in the affordable housing industry; manage and monitor  impact data on current loans inputting the data into the various loan and grant systems maintained by CHC, generate year end impact reports for customers and investors and produce other ad hoc reports as needed.

General Qualifications

  • Self-directed; approaches tasks in a methodical and organized manner; skilled at follow-though and meeting deadlines, handles multiple responsibilities simultaneously
  • Demonstrated experience in Corporate Communications, with a special competence in developing and communicating affordable housing financial content
  • Effective communication skills to include, building rapport to maintain relationships and provide understanding of processes
  • Analytical skills: ability to quickly grasp a major concept and extract the critical data points. Aptitude for numbers and knowledge of the reconcilement process
  • Knowledge of real estate loans, affordable housing subsidies, and impact measurement systems. Familiarity with  collateral documents and loan systems related to these functions/systems.
  • Ability to meet schedules, deadlines, goals, and targets in a timely manner; handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously
  • Produce high quality work with strong attention to detail
  • Bachelor’s Degree and a minimum 5 years’ experience in a CDFI or related environment
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office products, especially Excel and Sales Force Software
  • Ability to develop and follow procedures


Job Knowledge – Has solid knowledge of CHC, his/her department and current position duties and responsibilities; also has a solid knowledge of policies, processes, practices, and tools required to complete the work efficiently and effectively. Fully understands aspects of required responsibilities and skills needed to be successful in this role. Able to break job tasks down into manageable segments.

Delivers ResultsUnderstands how to use resources to achieve multiple objectives and reaches closure on projects and deliverables. Skilled at setting objectives and priorities. Works steadily toward achieving goals and consistently meets deadlines. Follows through on commitments. Monitors details and quality of results and adjusts as needed. Accepts responsibility for outcomes. Continues forward appropriately in the face of obstacles or when the path is less clear. Can identify potential problems or obstacles and effectively work through them.

Teamwork and CollaborationActively participates as a team member to move the team forward. Maintains strong, personal connections with team members and stakeholders. Is seen as a team player and is cooperative. Easily gains trust and support of peers and can solve problems with peers with a minimum of noise. Aligns personal work and performance with the broader team to achieve mutual outcomes. Communicates effectively and appropriately as a team member.

Embraces ChangeMaintains effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work tasks or the work environment; adjusts effectively to work within new structures, processes, requirements, or cultures. Actively identifies problems and opportunities for change and implements or suggests solutions where appropriate. Willing to accept the challenge of unfamiliar tasks.

Communication – Exhibits effective listening skills and checks for understanding. Demonstrates strong verbal and written communication and actively listens to others’ ideas and suggestions. Effective in a variety of presentation settings: one-on-one, small, and large groups, up and down the organization and with customers. Informs others of what is needed in a clear, concise, non-threatening manner. Consistently shares appropriate information with those who need to know.

Customer FocusActs with customers in mind. Establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers to gain their trust and respect. Uses customer information appropriately for improvements in products/services/processes. Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of customers – stays up to date about the marketplace. Within the parameters of the position, adds value to customers.

Integrity and TrustAble to present the truth in an appropriate and helpful manner. Treats others equitably. Does not misrepresent him/herself for personal gain. Understands the culture of the organization. Keeps biases and stereotyping out of the workplace. Listens and observes before passing judgement. Acts in line with the mission, values, and guidelines of the company.

Duties and Responsibilities

Develop a comprehensive marketing plan in collaboration with the Chief Lending Officer consistent  with  the  financial products offered by CHC and the overall branding of CHC in an effort to successfully deliver information and key messages to investors, customers, and the public; integrate this plan with the objectives of the CHC strategic plan.

Oversee a communication consultant selected by the CEO and CLO  to perform the following functions. Refine and propose the final product to CLO and CHC’s Senior Leadership Team

  1. Create collateral materials for promotions and communication, internal and external – including press releases, flyers, newsletters, videos, website content, loan activity stories, presentations, and Annual Reports.
  2. Manage use of external resources as they pertain to the marketing & communication function – photographers, videographers, printers, technical developers, etc.
  3. Writes, edit and proof materials, including direct mailings; manages database associated with mailings.
  4. Create, develop, and maintain website and social media platforms; establish relationships with news media to ensure publicity is frequent and effective.
  5. Ensure security of documents and confidential information housed on CHC document management system currently Box.

Create PowerPoints for corporate presentations with the assistance of the Communications consultant. Effectively manage the Corporate marketing budget, ensuring the budget supports the Marketing Plan/Strategic Plan.

Maintain the integrity and operations of CHC’s Impact Measurement system. Responsibilities include surveying CHC borrowers, sourcing and uploading data keeping data points accurate and current, and fulfilling impact data requests. This includes oversight of CHC’s external database programmer and managing impact assessment consultants.  . Develop and update the process and procedures manual as is relates to the IM system. With the Chief Loan Administrator and CEO, interface with board of directors’ impact committee to align impact measurement with CHC’s strategic goals.

As requested by the CEO/CLO from time to time, research policy initiatives that impact CHC, its products, or the NeighborWorks Network. (e.g., CRA changes, etc.) This includes literature research, drafting content, scheduling and/or leading calls/meetings, monitor and facilitate progress of projects, and updating CEO or the Board as requested. Assist with additional duties and projects as assigned.

Physical Requirements/Work Environment

Sit, stand, and walk regularly; talk and hear regularly; ability to see objects up close or at a distance, use peripheral vision, identify basic colors; use of hands/ability to reach; normal office environment; travel may be required.