CommunityHousingWorks“CHC understands us as an organization, our strengths, our weaknesses and our strategies. This comfort level enables them to work with us to achieve some creative but very sound solutions to complex deal structures. Their excellent staff uses our time well, they ask the right questions, and they remember what we told them last time. We couldn’t ask for more in a partner that shares our mission.” Sue Reynolds, President and CEO, Community HousingWorks

New Jersey Community Capital"At the beginning of the foreclosure and credit crisis, we launched the Community Asset Preservation Corporation and the first call we made was to Community Housing Capital (CHC). We were under siege with the number of abandoned and vacant properties in the neighborhoods that we serve in New Jersey. CHC provided the financing we needed to acquire distressed properties that we could bring back to prductive re-use and to provide affordable housing opportunities to families." Wayne Meyers, President, New Jersey Community Capital, New Brunswick, NJ

Community Asset Preservation Corporation"Community Housing Capital has been a true partner to the Community Asset Preservation Corporation. They took a risk on a new organization by providing a $4 million line of credit during a time when other lenders were not lending at all, particularly in the hardest hit neighborhoods we serve. In turn, we used those funds to develop and rehabilitate properties during the worst of the foreclosure crisis. We couldn't have done it without Community Housing Capital." Jeff Crum, Director of Real Estate, Community Asset Preservation Corporation, Newark, NJ

RuralEdge"The Darling Inn, in Lyndonville, Vermont, was a wonderful project.No only did it preserve a historic landmark, it preserved needed community services and the rental assistance to make it affordable to seniors with the absolute lowest incomes. CHC provided a predevelopment and acquisition loan to RuralEdge to help Gain control of the property. They jumped right in to help us purchase the last of the investor shares and their involvement was helpful to later investors to see that someone else was supporting the project." Chris Holden, Director of Real Estate Development, RuralEdge, Lyndonville, VT

St. Mary Development Corporation

"Community Housing Capital is one of our key partners in creating affordable housing solutions quickly and efficiently. Their ability to customize loans to meet the needs of our projects is exceptional. It's rare to work with an organization that understands both the business and mission of our work so well." Tim Bete, Executive Vice President, St. Mary Development Corporation, Dayton, OH

DHIC, Inc.

"Community Housing Capital is a proven, trusted financing partner who ‘gets’ what we do in the multiple layers of financing that we typically have in affordable housing deals. Their depth of understanding of the world that NeighborWorks organizations operate in leads us to call on CHC on a regular basis." Gregg Warren, Executive Director, DHIC, Inc.

Champlain Housing Trust

"Since our local lenders have gotten out of the business of financing homeownership developments, we turned to Community Housing Capital when a preservation project involved a conversion to affordable shared-equity condominiums. Their underwriting process was interactive and flexible and was able to consider local market conditions, mission focus and organizational track record. It was clear that every loan is seen as unique and Community Housing Capital is willing to take the time to delve into the weeds in support of good projects." Amy Demetrowitz, Director of Real Estate Development, Champlain Housing Trust

Avesta Housing

"We knew we needed to develop a fast and effective response. This is exactly where Community Housing Capital made a difference. In a nutshell, we couldn’t have achieved the essential site control on Butler Payson without Community Housing Capital’s terms and its trust." Ethan Boxer-Macomber, Director of Acquisitions and Assets, Avesta Housing

Alamo Community Group

"CHC enabled the Alamo Community Group to compete with for-profit developers, and with a great LTV ratio, we were able to quickly close on the deal. Their flexible financing helps us to preserve affordability and increase our capacity to house more homeless veterans in San Antonio." Jennifer Gonzalez, Executive Director, Alamo Community Group

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